RIP Borneo and Beyond


While many people have been  mourning the passing of Mikey J, I have been commiserating another sad loss. That of my blog-no-more, Borneo and Beyond, obliterated by a hacker. They even got the back-up. Grrrrrr.

But I only lost words and can easily write more. Plus I’m beyond Borneo and back in Bermondsey so it’s time to start afresh. I haven’t spied any orang utan hanging out here…  although might be proved wrong as I’m going to chat to the guys at Naked Ape this afternoon. They say they do PR.

So this is my new blog. Currently nameless as I decide on the form, function and explore my (hopefully budding) fan base.

I’ll be posting about visual and written communications. Movements and tribes of do-ers. Inspirational people pursuing causes they care about. Clever ideas. Beautiful design. And things that make me stop, think and/ or laugh.

Talking of the last point, here are a couple of snaps from Borneo for posterity.

**Less grease always makes me happy**


**Advice on the door to a snooker hall…  Don’t trust girl**

Don't trust girl

**Prevent drowning, use giant chopsticks**

Prevent drowning 2

**Finally, some friendly (?), not-so-subtle advice from a wedding singer**

Ditch him


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