Word game

Do you ever get that ‘aha’ moment when you suddenly see something differently? I had it recently with MJ’s History album – oh I get it, HIS story! So slow sometimes.

I wish my mind worked in a more catch-phrasey, “say what you see” way. It makes communications so much more fun.

Why send an email suggesting a catch up, when you can insert an image of  ketchup instead?


By adding a single gap, Trade Justice takes on a whole new meaning… trade just ice.

Eating in Choice Restaurant on holiday I chuckled over a sign in the serving area saying ‘Choice Staff Only’.

Christian Aid are using the word within word concept in their new campaign – Poverty Over. Clever. I’d never noticed ‘over’ in poverty before. Now it’s staring me in the face.

Poverty over

I saw this, their strikingly simple billboard ad, while out on my bike today.

And then sure enough, like all good marketing communications, I had an email about the campaign in my inbox when I got home. Admittedly I’m a signed up supporter and tuned in to their work, but the coincidences didn’t stop there.

I decided to attack my mounting pile of admin this evening including post received while I was away. In amongst the unopened envelopes I found a letter from Christian Aid in February inviting me to a focus group to give them feedback on their fundraising messages. I wonder/ would like to think that the Poverty Over messages were informed by this supporter insight.

Watch the Poverty Over campaign call to action here. It acknowledges that ending poverty is a BIG task. But humans have collectively achieved world-changing successes before, like…

Abolishing slavery

Eradicating smallpox

Ending apartheid, and

Liberating Europe from Nazi tyranny.

We're humans

The messaging is inclusive (we, not you or they), people focused (people made it, people can end it) and positive is a similar way to the now famous Obama campaign slogan (we can change).

The closing ask is to join us (Christian Aid) on the journey of putting the poverty eradication theory into practice. Their use of the word ‘journey’ reminds me of an interesting manifesto from American identity company Brains on Fire about Igniting Word of Mouth Movements. Read it and you’ll never plan a campaign again.  They highlight how movements have ongoing impact because they’re co-created, rooted in passion and run by your fan base.

So move with the movements and you’ll move men (and women) to say (and do) what they see.


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2 Responses to “Word game”

  1. Pernille Says:


    Interesting post. Thanx for the linking back to my blog.


  2. georginacombes Says:

    Thanks Pernille. I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Love your pics, stories and insights. Makes me want to be back in Africa!

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