Cheesy change

I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately. Sounds a bit cheesy I know. Maybe something to do with Michael Jackson (he’s becoming a bit of an unintentional theme throughout my posts – the challenge to find reasons to reference him will continue!) and his ‘Man in the Mirror’ getting so much airplay recently. His cheesy world-changing lyrics are definitely popular. “If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make that change.”

Being in a transition zone (recently back from my Borneo trip and starting out independently), I should in theory be more open to change. Though, I’d rather skip on the changeable weather we’re having. It makes cycling a little less enjoyable. And embarrassing when you turn up looking like a drowned rat.

But all in all, I have to agree that for me the message on my purse sums it up… change is good.

Change is goodOr in the words of R. Buckminster Fuller – inventor/ designer/ sustainability visionary of his time – Change is Normal.

But then there comes the problem of Climate Change. Some climatic changes are normal. But the rapidity of current climate change and severity of the impact of this change on people and environments is definitely not normal. People need to be inspired to embrace change – consume and waste less, reuse and recycle more in all senses of the words. World leaders need to push for a change in policies and legislation at Copenhagen in December. Governments need to commit to and help other countries, companies and communities deliver and normalise these changes.

Instead of seeing change as scary and daunting, we need to paint of picture of change as exciting, desirable and collective. And once everyone’s changed, or groups of people have changed, then it’s become normal. It’s just what we do.

butterflyImage from Post Secrets.

Butterflies are an interesting analogy. The Butterfly Effect is put simply that activities in one place cause effects in another. It’s climate change to a T. Just look at how poorer people are affected by richer people’s lifestyles. Parts of Asia under water. Areas of Africa dry as a bone. The UK a bit damp in places at the moment. So what are we going to do to change this?

I personally like a bit of humour in inspiring change. Communications that make me see things differently.

Being from the Pulp Fiction era, the Royale with Cheese line is a cheesy reminder of my yoof. This short video made me chuckle.

Go easy on the meat, have a Royale with Cheese tomorrow, have a mixed salad today, they say.

Knowing about the state of the world, and the state of your waistline post multiple Royale with Cheeses, can you look at the (wo)man in the mirror and not change your ways? But remember to go easy on the cheese too!


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