Diving in deep

It’s just another manic Monday. Or is it? If you’re a freelancer living on the ebb and flow of emails, calls and last minute meeting requests, waking up on a Monday morning can be a little scary not knowing exactly what the week has in store for you. You start with the first sleepwalking behaviour of the day. Same as always – caffeine. But then what? You suddenly remember you have no work colleagues. No-one to compare your weekend notes with. No-one to jump start your week but you. No-one to share your to do list with. Hmmmm.

A friend said to me as I fretted about creating my own working structure, “perhaps you need to address your relationship with freedom?”. And he’s right. I’m incredibly lucky to have such flexibility at the moment. There’s no point paddling around in the shallows, as another friend Emily pointed out, sometimes you’ve gotta dive in deep. Take stuff on. Have a vision. Believe it’s possible. Make it work.

There’s a great note from the Sustainable Earth people posted on Facebook called The Vision Thing. Well worth a read if you fancy some positivity and inspiration around creating a shared vision for the future. The author, Dr Sam Mills an MBA Director, sensibly states that: “If we don’t shape our future, it will be shaped for us”. And as well as a collective dream we need our own ones too. Who will you be in 10 year’s time? What will you be known for? Make it something big, ambitious and embarrassing to admit to anyone. I’m working on mine…

But back to Mondays. Emily (another independent thinker and worker) and I have been meeting for weekly motivational breakfasts. Our own freelancer therapy sessions. This morning our inspiration was a rather apt message on the Southbank – telling us to Take the Plunge. Check out Emily’s fabulously nonchalant 80s pose.


Having taped our dialogue on Emily’s dissertation topic – our respons-ability (ability to respond) and how we can sustain that response through communications to address the issues of sustainability – our professionalism plummeted as we filmed a clip of our excitement over the graffitied wall on the Southbank. Watch it here.

Definitely a different and fun way to start a Monday morning…


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