How r u broadcasting?


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I feel there’s a lot of dinner table chat at the moment about the broadcast generation we’ve become seemingly overnight. One day we didn’t have mobiles, now we can’t live without them. One day we didn’t have a way to broadcast our own daily headlines. And now we do. People use their facebook status updates to shout about everything from the momentous to the mundane. Some are so tedious I long for the good old days of a bit more mystery and intrigue. As a friend said, there are certain things I would prefer my friends not to know about me. I agree, but other people seem to favour the blow by blow online broadcast. YouTube were spot on with their ‘broadcast yourself’ tagline. Perhaps we’ll all have our own TV channel one day. Films like EDtv and the Truman Show and all their nightmare scenarios spring scarily to mind.

Then there are twitter tweets, my current social media medium of choice. Mostly because I use them to keep up with my friends/ acquaintance/ organisations who’ve got interesting things to say and share. Also, there’s a limit on a tweet. There’s less introspectiveness going down on a tweet. Tweets don’t get interrupted by holiday photo albums, although twitpic caters nicely for the odd pic here and there. I don’t feel compelled to follow anyone on Twitter. I haven’t yet had long-gone (and gone for a reason) friends start stalking me on Twitter. And I can follow famous people!

Inspired by something I saw on the writers’ network 26, I’ve written an A-Z story of our daily broadcasting. Words beginning with x are the biggest challenge!

Anyone broadcasting can deliver effect, fantasy, genius, horror in journalistic keyboard life made now. Oh pretty quickly realising several times unleashing very x-aggerated yelling zone.

And for my final broadcast headline of this post, check these crazy social media statistics. Does it make you want to broadcast more or less? I’m not sure…


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