Need visual climate comms? Try a flash mob

A lovely attention grabbing stunt from the power shifters of The UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)… last week they organised a Flash Mob of dancing bright young things on the grass by the London Eye. Watch the video of their visual statement on Vimeo.

The masterminds behind the event and the coalition include two friends, Amy Mount and Casper ter Kuile. Both bloggers, both media savvy, both passionate, dedicated and incredibly inspiring. They are great role models for the under 25s who care about climate change. Care enough to do something about it. And either know or actively find out what they can do.

But that’s the thing. As Amy wrote in an email following the event: “Many of them [the 300 under 25 year olds who joined in with Power Shift last weekend] had never done any kind of campaigning before, but everyone wanted to do something about climate change – they just weren’t sure what they could do.”

So is this the biggest problem with climate change? Greater than people not believing it’s happening. That people still don’t know what they should or can be doing. Or that the options for doing something about it are not attractive or desirable enough? We’re obviously not marketing them well enough. As Solitaire Townsend said on the Newsnight Greens on Trial last night, we’re good at selling green to greens, but not to the mainstream.

Back to Amy and the UKYCC folk. They’re obviously having an impact on their peers around climate change. And they’re going about it in the right way using personal story telling, tactics taken from Obama’s presidential campaigning and making green behaviours normal.

Perhaps we need to take advice from them and get a piece of some mob action on climate change.


This blog post is part of Blog Action Day 2009.


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