Who am I? A blog about identity

It's never too late 3

In true blog dialogue style and having been pipped to the post (literally!) by the creator of my identity, the talented Emily, here are my thoughts and responses to Emily’s blog post and my lovely new ‘g’.

I’ve always had lots of nicknames – it comes with the territory of having a 3 syllabled first name. I’m also slightly obsessed by my name or anything with my name on it and possess a large golden G acquired one drunken night many moons ago at university to prove the level of my fixation. That’s another story.

I’m definitely a ‘g’. Pre-teen I was known at home as ‘little G’ being the littlest of 3. Then there was the name George which came from playing the tomboy in Enid Blyton’s Famous Five in a school play and which kinda stuck. But there’s also girl-in-control, the G-ster or G-Meister. We were known as G squared when I worked for a Ghanaian charity with a girl called Georgie. There’s my German alter ego Georg. My larger than life persona Porge (every Georgina is cursed by the nursery rhyme). And the not-to-be-messed-with G-force. But never Georgie or Gina.

If I start on my surname the list gets longer. Combes. Combester. Combie. Coombo. Single O Combes. Combsie. Miss C.

Then the totally random Rose, Miss Hilary and Pinks.

No wonder a girl can get confused. I like to think each name embodies a different me. A bit like my bikes (Pashley, folding and single speed) representing different parts of my personality. In co-creating my freelance identity with Emily, an illustrator-designer-writer, we started to look at these different sides of me, my passions, beliefs and what Emily would call my ‘essence’ (definitely chilli flavoured).

The brainstorming process involved mind-maps to muse on like this:

Brand G

Reflection on quick illustrations Emily’s done for me in the past, including ‘The island of George’ which represents boundaries:

the island of george

Choosing photos I’ve taken that reflect my personality, passions and places I’ve been. See some card pics here and below. The shoes – Malaysian jungle rubber footwear – seem to be the most popular.


And picking my favourite quotes which I’ve talked about in a recent post.

From all of this, the best part of the creative process was being given the chance to co-design a way of representing me, what I do, what I like and how I go about doing what I like. It was all about me!

As another George said, It is never too late to be what you might have been. Now I’ve got my identity I feel like I’ve got a much better chance of being what I want to be.

All all thanks to Emily. For fabulous illustrations and co-created identities, Emily can be contacted on emily.f.wilkinson@gmail.com.


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2 Responses to “Who am I? A blog about identity”

  1. emilywilkinson Says:

    I love it, and looking to replying with another post about identity!

    I’ve been having a lot of conversations recently about how we live in an individualistic society, where we are far too obsessed with identity. Of course, no man is an island, but taking a trip to that island once in a while can better inform us how we’d like to ‘be’ in the world and interact with others. Visiting the island occasionally can make identity a more free-flowing thing when you’re part of a community.

    So yes, identity design is all about you, which empowers you to be the part of your community that you want to be, enabling you to make the changes you want to in the world (by first making them within yourself).

    Catch ya later G-Force x

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