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November 21, 2009

This last week I’ve been grounded. My wheels, or more specifically my knees, have been out of action since I took a tumble off my not so trusty stead last Sunday. No-one else and no moving vehicles were involved. Just wheel, curb, knees, tarmac. *Ouch*

Other than the swelling, bruising and challenges negotiating stairs, the most inconvenient and annoying thing is getting about town sans velo. I’ve realised I’m totally lost, consistently late and lethargic without my bike. Walking is SO slow. Buses never come. Tubes are packed. Eurgh. The only, extremely small benefit I can see is being able to dress in the mornings without a cursory thought of ‘will I be able to cycle in this?’. Then I realised that most of my clothes can be fashioned for freewheeling freedom.

Drawing by Emily Wilkinson, a very lovely birthday present.

Other bike related presents included a new bling bell, a beautifully illustrated book about global fixed-gear bike culture inspiring lots of ‘I want one of them’ comments and a cleverly hand-crafted and dead stylish Cath Kidston-esque reflective sash inspired by cycle fashion pictures on The Guardian website which my friend and fellow bike-belle Erica made.

Now all I need to do is to get back in the saddle.


I left my blog in Borneo

November 1, 2009

This blog series started with a RIP to my former now defunct blog Borneo and Beyond. Till now I haven’t tried to rewrite any of it, but after yesterday’s get together with people I met in Borneo, I’m in the mood to share a selection of jungle learnings:

If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training. Type 2 fun – fun in retrospect but not at the time.


You’ve gotta love Malaysian phonetic spelling – you want Teksi?

You want Teksi

Langoustine to go! All part of the Filipino Market experience.

Langoustine to go

You can be a foodie in the jungle. Mess tin breakfast Raleigh-style.


Adidas Kampong – you can’t beat a pair of Malaysian rubber shoes in the jungle.


A rather wild Orang Kampong mastering the art of eating a meal sans cutlery.


And finally, an awesome orang utan (man of the forest) enjoying a durian. Tastes great, smells awful.