I left my blog in Borneo

This blog series started with a RIP to my former now defunct blog Borneo and Beyond. Till now I haven’t tried to rewrite any of it, but after yesterday’s get together with people I met in Borneo, I’m in the mood to share a selection of jungle learnings:

If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training. Type 2 fun – fun in retrospect but not at the time.


You’ve gotta love Malaysian phonetic spelling – you want Teksi?

You want Teksi

Langoustine to go! All part of the Filipino Market experience.

Langoustine to go

You can be a foodie in the jungle. Mess tin breakfast Raleigh-style.


Adidas Kampong – you can’t beat a pair of Malaysian rubber shoes in the jungle.


A rather wild Orang Kampong mastering the art of eating a meal sans cutlery.


And finally, an awesome orang utan (man of the forest) enjoying a durian. Tastes great, smells awful.



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