Christmas as you like it

This is a picture I took of my Uncle on Christmas Day in 2007. It’s on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast on the walk down from Golden Cap to the pub. We were heading for a pint of beer and a plate of scampi and chips by the sea. A perfect Xmas lunch.

This picture was going to be one of my business card photos, but then I thought it might look more tree-destroyer than tree-hugger which would not be on message.

But I like this picture because I associate it with that Christmas two years ago. It reminds me of our blustery walk by the sea. Wellies and woolens on. Getting out of the house and away from the excesses and expectations of this time of year. Enjoying the crisp coastal air. Being free. And feeling like Christmas Day was ours.

I hope you get your moments of festive freedom and enjoy the holiday season as you like it.

Looking forward to seeing/ hearing from/ working with you in 2010.



2 Responses to “Christmas as you like it”

  1. Tashweka Says:

    Merry Christmas, George! See you in 2010! xx, T

  2. Lucy Jaffe Says:

    Hello Georgina
    Thanks for your email last year. Happy new year to you!
    Hope many good things come to you. Lucy

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