Cards of Cape Town

These are some cards of people and places I’ve come across in Cape Town.

Starting top left, cousin* Roger Goode DJ-ing at the J&B Met races’ after party. (* in a distant random relative kind of way.)

Zig-zagging along, next is creative incubator Matchboxology who do the South African government’s HIV/AIDs behaviour change campaigns, among other cool, creative, social change things.

I ♥ NEW WORK from Whatiftheworld / Gallery in Woodstock which Emily and I visited – it’s a “platform for a new generation of emerging South Africa contemporary artists” and was selected as on the of the ‘Top 50 Emerging Galleries from Around the World’ but Contemporary Magazine in London. I liked the Guyanese Samsonite – the ubiquitous plastic African holdall bag often seen trying to be taken as oversized hand luggage on flights, kitchen sink and all!

Next line down, it’s the logo of the NeighbourGoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays. Think Borough meets the Portobello with a urban micro-festival feel from the DJ amid the hay bale seats. You can get a good coffee, buy a dress that’s been designed and made in South Africa and then gorge on an assortment of culinary treats from the food stalls. (I asked someone if they could sum up Cape Town in one word and he said “schmorgasboard”; the food here was just so).

Then, Truth Coffee Cult. Our local coffee house. I started following them on Twitter and got a direct message: Have you tasted the TRUTH yet? Yes, I have! And it’s gooooooood. They recommended Square Mile Coffee to me, and that’s when I knew I’d come to the right place as it’s what I like to drink in London.

Bikes had to make it in somehow… here’s CT’s first Critical Mass flyer. Spread the word.

Today is a good day, especially if you have your breakfast here. Monocle magazines to browse while sipping your morning cappuccino.

Heather Moore, aka Skinny La Minx. An illustrator and designer she makes really cool home stuff like tea-towels, cushions and aprons as well as putting her illustrated transfers on ceramics. I especially like her Sevilla rock-art range.

Openveld’s card I picked up at the Neighbourgoods Market. They had great tasting salami and I liked the birds. There seems to be a thing about the use of birds in designs in Cape Town, they keep cropping up everywhere including the fab Birds Boutique Café.

I keep popping back into Lynne’s shop ‘Hello Again’ and have to stop myself from saying “hello again” – it must be an old joke and incredibly annoying. Lynne sells lots of fab American Apparel style clothing that’s made in SA, as well as her husband’s fittees (tailor made fitted T-shirts for people who demand a perfect fit to “feel sexy and look their best”) and his custom made fixed gear bikes, complete with recycling logo stickers. Love it.

Spier is a large vineyard in Stellenbosch that produces it’s own sustainability report, set up the Sustainability Institute next door and has a fantastic organic restaurant called 8 which serves only the food that is grown locally. Menus are created for the day based on what produce is available. Pity it was closed the day we went, but I did like the recycling messages stuck up in the loos. Good for a captive audience. I’d be interested to know if they really do all they say they do.

Second to last, Monkey Biz is an amazing bead-business. If you can’t read what’s written on the tag in the picture, it says: “I am a unique artwork created by disadvantaged people in the townships of Cape Town. Thank you for choosing me. Make us welcome in your home.” By us, they mean whichever elaborately beautiful beaded animal or item you have bought from them. The shop is a bead crafters emporium and a beady-eyed shopper’s heaven. There’s no artistic direction from the salespeople, the crafters in the townships (many with HIV) learn the art from their elders and are simply provided with the beads, wire and twin. Totally different and fantastic presents.

And finally, boutique design hotel and restaurant Daddy Long Legs. Rated by The Guardian as a good place to stay in CT with each of their 13 rooms designed by a different local artist/ poet/ designer/ writer/ photographer/ musician, etc., it’s a bit rock and roll with a retro Airstream trailer park on the roof and open air cinema screenings. It promises “to bring the creative spirit of Cape Town into your hotel room experience” although it’s probably a good thing you’re “in a world of your own” given the overload of onions in their Ceasar Salad. But great design and good they’ve got Fair Trade in Tourism status.


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2 Responses to “Cards of Cape Town”

  1. David Donde Says:

    thanks for the cool mention. I have just visited Dose in London, and love them too!

  2. georginacombes Says:

    Thanks for the comment David. We loved Truth – the coffee and the fab branding!

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