A climate change poem

So many acronyms we use, which few people know,

The IPCC, ppm and the COP15 show.

It’s jargon at its heaviest and turns people off

It’s totally confusing, no wonder some scoff

At trying to engage them in reducing their C

Get outta here, they’d rather be watching Glee.


Climate change is huge in so many ways

Scientists will be studying it for the rest of their days.

But what about people who don’t do numbers,

80% cuts by 2050, carrots and… cucumbers?

It would be better if, we just told them a story

Of hope and opportunity and low-carbon glory,

Where everyone lives well and within the means

Of their environment, whether its icy or green.


Talking to an idler or doer, a campaigner or consumer,

We’ve gotta communicate climate change with a sense of humour.

Let’s make it fun and fashionable, as we would with other things,

Show how low carbon life can rock, and all the good stuff it brings.


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One Response to “A climate change poem”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    You might find John’s Blog interesting http://everchangingperspective.wordpress.com/ he’s written some good explanation of the impact of global warming…enjoyed reading this.

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