Dis-loyalty genius

Apparently it started out as a joke. The idea was to produce a dis-loyalty card, one that publicises not just your own business, but a hand-picked selection of the finest coffee houses in the East end of London. I picked up my card this morning. Somewhat belatedly because the scheme started about 6 months ago. But lateness aside, here it is with 2 stamps (rather telling of my daily caffeine consumption) so far:

The idea is that you complete the tour of East London’s emerging coffee scene, getting stamps at each, to claim a free coffee from the World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies (who I’ve blogged about before) @ Prufrock. And that’s exactly what lots of people have been religiously doing, much to the coffee shop owners’ surprise.

Maybe it’s the fun and unusual nature of the anti-competition aspect, or the allure of knowing you’ll get a great coffee at each location, but it sounds like it’s achieved loyalty, exposure and a dose of cult notoriety.

I’m firmly on the path to coffee nirvana now.


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