Soccer, snow and shopping

Since I now SMS not text, watch soccer not the footie and have started to say ja not yeah (I’m sounding more gap yah by the day), I thought I should post an update on my latest adventure in SA.

And what an amazing time to be here. As fifa (and yellow Bafana Bafana) fever sweeps the nation it seems everyone, even the gogos (grannies), are celebrating and blowing their vuvuzelas in the ears of the naysayers who proclaimed South Africa wouldn’t pull it off. London 2012 take note!

I feel very privileged to be here in the thick of the World Cup vibe. I really believe that Africa has a lot to teach the world and the ==========<() is no exception! Even London Mayor Boris Johnson, currently in South Africa, has said the UK needs something new like the vuvuzela, opposed to renditions of Rule Britannia, for the 2012 Olympics. Sainsbury’s, the only UK supermarket selling the plastic horn, has already sold out of the 70,000 they ordered. Apparently the business idea came because soccer fans used to steal the horns off trains on their way to matches.

It’s a bit late, but I loved the Nando’s full page ad in the Mail and Guardian newspaper prior to the opening Bafana v Mexico match – offering a free lunch if the Mexicans lost!

If you can’t read it, the copy beneath says:

Dear Mexican players, most foreigners think S.A. is rife with bribery and corruption. To live up to your misconceptions, we’re offering you and your spectators a free lunch if you lose on Friday. Just bring your valid Mexican passport into any Nando’s restaurant between 14h00 and 17h00 this Saturday and we’ll give you a delicious flame grilled quarter chicken and chips each. Free.

PS If you don’t have a passport, we’re sure someone can arrange one for you.

There have been some other lovely graphics around the world cup as collated by Inspired Mag and no end of positive articles in the press about the unity the World Cup has created amongst South Africans. Some of the best pieces I’ve read are: this op-ed from the New York Times, this post by South African blogger Miss Moss and this Guardian article from Africa Correspondent David Smith.

Thankfully the warmth of South Africans has offset the chill of winter. I came totally unprepared and without adequate woolies. And just to prove that I’m not being my usual cold-blooded self, South Africa has had snow! This is NOT NORMAL! Ding – another climate change alarm bell.

I took a drive out to the winelands of Stellenbosch to see for myself and caught the remnants of the snow dusting the highest peaks. It’s not the greatest photo but I needed evidence.

So I’ve had to shop for some chunky knits. I’m the vintage clothes stall lady’s new favourite customer at the Neighbourgoods market. And I also found a lovely African-style boutique in Kalk Bay that is so up my street it’s even branded for me!


2 Responses to “Soccer, snow and shopping”

  1. Diana Moss Says:

    hey, thanks for the link back to my post 🙂

    glad you’re enjoying it so much here…. i’m going to go see a game at the cape town stadium on monday – very exciting!

    by the way, snow IS actually normal for us in winter. it snows at least once in the cold season – especially further inland. check out what it looked like in 2003:

  2. Georgina Combes Says:

    You’re welcome, I like your blog!

    Enjoy the game on Monday. I’m backing Ghana now!

    I stand corrected on the snow. Cool pics of yours. It seems surprising for us Northerners to hear about snow in Africa! I just wonder if things are changing though… and we’re getting more severe and heavy rain and snow?

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